Plastic & Aluminum Recycling



Document Resources provides a Plastic & Aluminum Recycling program to help our customers further their Green and Sustainability Initiatives. Our convenient recyclers save you time and hassle while allowing you to make a positive ecological difference.

Recycling services are available concurrent with already scheduled shred stops. By combining services, this affordable solution allows us to reduce outside vendor traffic and minimize disruption.

Document Resources Recycler

  • Attractive white cardboard container fits
    well in most any break room setting
  • Hole in lid for easy deposit
  • Recycler liner for clean and easy removal
  • Dimensions: 36”h x 19”w x 19”d
  • Lightweight for easy movement of recycler

Place plastics and aluminum in a complimentary recycler, and we will do the rest! Once material is removed from your location, it is recycled.